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Luxe home decor for less. Bedroom makeover on a budget

I decided that this is the year I will have a grown up bedroom. I figure if I had a bedroom this beautiful, I wouldn't cover it in clothes and clutter. Wishful thinking, right? Let's explore.

Unfortunately for me I have always had champagne taste and beer money. Fortunately for my husband, I have an obsession with getting the best deal I can, and will scour the internet and ads for the lowest price possible. I just want to know I am getting a great deal and that I did my best with what I had. I'm sure you're the same way.

Side Note: Those pillows are a bit expensive for me and the curtains are also pricier than I would normally spend. But I wanted a DREAM room that reflected an upscale hotel room and not a low budget run of the mill fabric.

I have always loved black and white bedding and this gorgeous take on luxury hotel bedding hits the perfect note for me. Best of all it wont hit your bank account and will leave your wallet nearly intact. Most "hotel bedding" will cost you upwards of $180 for a duvet cover and two euro shams. I wanted crisp white bedding with a single black stripe and was hard pressed not to spend more than $75. To take the luxuriousness a step further I looked into monogrammed shams. Needless to say, I will leave that for Jay-Z and Beyonce.

The blue velvet headboard is a must for me. I knew I wanted a velvet headboard to add a rich texture to the rooms design. Its the first design piece I started with. Finding a jewel toned velvet bed that looked beautiful and under budget was no easy fete. But there were some very good options out there. So I opted to buy a headboard only to save money, rather than buying the whole bed frame. Also, I have small room and it would save space all around.

And the accent pillows were a hard find for me because they tend to be very expensive. One of them is almost as expensive as my current "bed in a bag". But I wanted to hand pick each piece for a feeling of authenticity and for a more colorful eclectic vibe. Those bed in a bag deals are great, but they can be so vanilla and drab.

The black out curtains are a must in this house. For three reasons. My husband works nights. I have a wild child that likes to stay awake until 6 am sometimes and needs to sleep during the day. ugh. And I am a hermit crab. I like the brightness of the curtain and the navy blue design would work in any room in my house, if I ever wanted to change them again. Why waste good curtains right?

Finally I come to the lovely tufted velvet bench with acrylic legs! I love this one, mostly because it is such a bargain and so glam and sophisticated. However, I would've preferred one of the many benches that also provided storage space under the seat but they were out of my price range. But this will still provide that extra something something to my room. I like that its a more muted color since I have a very vivid jewel toned room design here. Those legs though! This will serve as my foot board and also as a desk/vanity chair when I need it to work on my grown up thangs.

So without more blah blah, here is the list of items and their prices....

Bedding Set:

Superior 300 Thread Count Cotton Hotel Collection Duvet Cover Set

Walmart for $66.78 including tax and shipping.

(You can eliminate the shipping cost by picking up at a local Walmart near you)


Sonoma Goods For Life Cairo Blackout Curtain, Navy Blue 52x84

Kohl's $37.08

(I find that Ross or Marshalls have excellent home goods sections and are probably half the price as these curtains. However, your selections will be limited)


Average price was $20 a pillow!!!

Side note: If you go to a swap meet or flea market you might find a vendor that specializes in selling fabric or cases, rugs etc. At Citrus College in Glendora, CA there is a great vendor that sells all pillow cases for $2 each. All sizes. You can find some trendy ones too. So if you're cheap like me, just give your old pillows new life and opt for pillow cases only.

(But these pillows are so worth it)


$119 Sold and Shipped Free by Walmart

Rollback Price, was $149.00

Acrylic Leg Bench:

Acrylic leg bench Ottoman in Silver/Gray Finish

Convenience Concepts fulfilled by Totally Furniture

$64 including shipping/ no tax

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and if you have any comments or suggestions leave me a comment on my contact page. You can also subscribe and receive coupons and be automatically entered in any of my giveaways!

Be Chic, Not Broke! Merci

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