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I've had this question in my head for quite some time now. Actually it's an answer to a question. A question that I've prepared myself to answer on the chance that someone ever asks it.

"What would you say has made the biggest difference in the success of your business?".

I've imagined being asked this and I always give my best answer. It's the best and only answer because it's from my heart.

Whats made all the difference in my business is having PASSION. Creating something and being a part of it, from it's inception until it's a working prototype and all the stages in between. It being a part of you and birthing from your imagination. Not Just receiving packages from China and trying to brand it as my own, because I was never any good at marketing anyway. Bringing something out of me that made me better in the end and happier and more fulfilled has made all the difference in my business and myself.

The just the beginning of something new.

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