Back to where it all began and what I know now.

I started a company in 2015 and named it after a city I loved but had never been to at the time.

I named chose the name La Vie En Paris even though it's bad french grammar. It was named as an homage to the song we all know and love...

La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf. But even though I have love for Edith I have always favored Louis Armstrong's version and played that on my first website. Wasn't quite sure what I wanted my website to be, I just wanted it to have to do with french culture.

So naturally I bought shit from China that looked french. Yes, I know. But my funds were limited. So was my knowledge, and my shame apparently. Well, you can guess how well that turned out. Miserable failure in the first degree. But when God closes a door he open a tiny little air shaft. Just kidding Jesus. He always gives us an opportunity to pivot! So I created my smart lighting brand. You have never seen nor experienced more unique lighting. Although I hear nothing but great things about The Chandefleur, you could also consider this a fail as well, as far as numbers go.

So now what did I do? I created another brand, La Jolie Fleur. Silk floral gift shop and again a non-starter. So here we are.

(Heavy breathing)

I am updating this blog post to let you all know that I am creating a new brand and that I am relaunching and reinvigorating all my brands and business ideas!

I am not ever going to give up. I am going to pivot until I run out of moves and pivot all the way to heaven if I have to. (ROSS VOICE) PIVOT! Lol.

I have no shame and that is in my favor. I am not embarrassed or afraid to fail. I have made a career out of failing very publicly. But failure is just learning. That's all that is and pivoting too. I will be writing a book about that because knowing how to fail is essential to success. Another story for another time, though.

I want to celebrate my new brand and the relaunching of my first baby

La Vie En Paris as a marketplace and a home for all my brands. My latest brand will compliment and truly bring together all my brands.

Harmony and synergy.

I hope my new website will be a place that I can share with bloggers of color that are doing amazing things in the travel industry, specifically Paris and Mexican tourism. I hope to share more from my page Latina Empress on connecting with women in business and various fields of design and lighting. I want to create more content that proves that I have grown and learned something. I have value to offer my community and it was hard won, believe me. I'm happy to share the relaunch and new brand in the coming weeks.

Thank you for supporting this blessed journey.

Thanking God first for his unending love, support and guidance. My husband who never fails to make whatever I throw at him and loves all of it. To Jason and Kumi for that fateful day they urged me to never give up.'s to me...I'd like to thank me, (Snoop Voice) for taking the lumps and getting back in the ring. Stronger every single time.

Thank you Jesus.

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