Chateau de la Reine Blanche from the 1957 film "Funny Face" featuring Audrey Hn

This was one of those things that, when it happened, left me in disbelief. I was on the brink of tears when my husband brought me here. Coye-la-Foret is a small french town in the country about 50 minutes outside Paris...but a universe away really. sigh. Its nestled in between some farms and forest and little cottages and stone walled homes. A pretty piece of country. And I happened to see the most beautiful fluffy cat I have ever seen...ever. But what really made me swoon was the final destination of our countryside excursion from Paris.

To get to the chateau we had to park the car on the side of the road and walk through the woods. So lovely. We did stop to ask for directions but they were in french, so we smiled, said merci and moved on. it wasn't much longer before we would reach our destination.

In the movie Funny Face, starring Audrey Hepburn, the chateau is used as a chapel in the final scene and in another previous scene of the movie. Audrey is dressed as a bride for her photo shoot and you can see school children and a priest walking past her.

Chateau de la Reine Blanche is hardly a chateau and I was shocked to find out it wasn't a chapel either. It was a hunting lodge and is now a building that they rent for weddings and special events. Its quite pretty but very small. unfortunately it was closed and we couldn't go inside. But its so pretty and the woods and lake surrounding it was breathtaking and serene. There was also a lakeside creperie and cafe for us to enjoy a treat after our long trek through the woods.

Here I am (above) completely enthralled and bursting with excitement. 

It may seem like an obscure place to travel to especially since there is so much to do in Paris.  But after a week in Paris you crave quiet.  Paris is such a beautiful and lively place that your senses need a break.  And your lungs too. There's always a smell in the air. Whether it's sugar,  smoke or pee Paris is always smelling like something. So when I got out of the car and smelled nothing but fresh air I was so relieved. Preggy nose is not fun.  I was four months pregnant on this trip. 

A trip to the country will be unforgettable and you will never miss Paris once you're there. It's a whole experience all it's own. Just know there is no restroom anywhere on the way to the chateau or when you arrive.  I had to pee in the woods twice but it's OK no one saw.  The crepe at the lake side cafe made it all worth it. This was such a bucket list experience for us and especially for me. Being in the foot steps of my favorite actress of all time was such a thrill. I could still see her dancing away with Fred Astaire and floating down stream with the swans just like she did in Funny Face.  Ahhh. This is something I'll never forget as long as I live. And I hope to go back as soon as I can.  This experience meant so much to me. It has taken me months to put together a post about this in the fear that I wouldn't do the experience justice. But I had to share these photos and hope that more people can visit. There aren't any tourists there. Most people that go , are there to fish or simply walk around the lake.  We went in September and it was perfectly lush and just starting to change but still very green. I hope you can enjoy this someday too!  And remember to tag us in your pics when you do!  #lavieenparis @lavieenparis 

#travel #France #paris #Frenchcountry #vacation #AudreyHepburn 

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