La Petite Princesse

My daughter went to Paris for the first time in my belly and her gender reveal was recorded in the gardens of Versailles. We even used a box of pink macarons from Laduree. Over the top but memorable. I had always dreamed of going to Paris and got that love and dream of Paris from my grandma and from classic movies.

Paris however did not fully come alive for us until we took our little princess there for her third birthday. Her photoshoot at the Trocadero and all the mini shoots throughout Paris made me fall in love with it even deeper. It has forever left an impression on her heart.

All throughout this pandemic she has begged me to take her to Paris and we often say that that is where we will go when we can travel again. I had an idea of owning a little girl's dress shop near the Eiffel Tower, so all the little girls who visit can have their

little princess moment.

Our daughter's are precious and though we can't open that fancy dress shop just yet, we can share a little bit of that Little Princess through a selection of dresses that I have chosen to add to my store in honor of my little princess and yours.

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