Never Give Up On Your Dreams Or Your Purpose.

"Hope is not a strategy." This larger than life quote was convicting me in the middle of the Arcadia mall, on a huge mural covering a store that was undergoing renovations. Well, damn. I felt seen. I felt God was giving me a sign but also challenging me. I sucked air through my teeth and half chuckled. I knew why I felt this way and it was necessary for me to be hit in the face with this giant message.

I recently had a talk with my sister and I told her that this was the year I had to make things happen. She asked me with genuine curiosity, "What do you mean when you say that." It was a good question to ask because I've thought and said this many times before. Like pretty much every flippin year since 2015. (Tired sigh) I'm glad she asked. Had I really thought about what that meant. Making things happen in 2015 or 2018 looks different than it does in 2021.

What do I expect to happen? What does it really mean to "make things happen" and what do I hope the outcome will be this time around? Ah, hope. There it is again. I understand that hope alone without work or a plan is not a strategy. However in my world I will not reach the next summit without it. I believe every dream begins with hope, even before any plan or strategy has been implemented. In my case, early on and up until 6 months ago, I had mountains of hope, tons of self-doubt and next to no strategy. I just figured God would provide and told myself I was doing all that I could do and God would kick in the rest. That was the truth though. I was thinking inside my comfort zone and wasn't ready for the next level. So that really was all that I could do. I wasn't ready for God to stretch me just yet, if I'm being honest.

So am I ready now? What does making ish happen in 2021 look like? I expect to spend the 3-6 months stretching myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone and into spaces that I avoided like the plague. Reels, video content where I have to share my face, my mom bob and graying hair with the world. (a very small corner of the world) I am doing more live Zoom meetings to get me out of my fear and gain more confidence. I am beginning to network more and seeking collaborations with others in and out of my sphere of business. I am taking advantage of all the free knowledge and low cost business courses I can get my hands on. Courses that require me to get up, show up and show out!

I am already making things happen just by doing things I have never done before. Being bold is definitely a great way to bring new energy into your dusty business. I used to think "making things happen" meant reaching a salary goal. Now I realize that it can mean so many things. Self-awareness, personal growth, bringing value to people, encouraging others and creating lasting friendships is all a part of it too. I'm not afraid to be seen as much, and I am excited for the next chapters because I know I am already moving the needle on my own. God is always on my side but he knew I could do more and was waiting on me to realize it. He was waiting on me to be ready to

be S T R E C T H E D!

I am not a gifted business woman but I am not going to let that stop me from reaching my fullest potential or canceling my purpose. I know I am gifted in encouraging people and lifting them up. That's why I'm here sharing this with you because I know that in ALL my failings these past years, the biggest one is not sharing myself and my gift with those who needed it.

There are people who need to see us living in our power, facing our fears and moving forward anyway. When we do that we have the potential for unlocking them from their fears. It becomes this amazing energy that cripples all over the world one soul at a time. I recently experienced this with another business woman and friend I follow on social media. She shared something for the first time in her life and when she smiled and spoke through her tears and pain I knew that God was speaking to me through her. He stretched her and she answered the call and in doing so it inspired me to answer mine.

I had been putting off writing a couple books because I figured since I wasn't popular, famous, rich, hot or successful who the heck would care. That is not the point! All it takes is one hope, one heart and one dream at a time to be unlocked and activated. If we can contribute to one person's life and impact them than wasn't it worth it? Isn't worth sharing if it can save a life from decades of fear? We measure success with money and popularity. We think in order to be a success or make an impact we have to have a great deal of influence. We just need to start where we are with what we have.

Sometimes we go through pain and we want to get far away from it and heal from it as quick as can be. I understand that sometimes its through the pain that we obtain our purpose and graces we need to encourage others and lift them up. I no longer want to run away from my fear or my dreams but instead receive that grace to face it and in doing so plant seeds of hope in others. You can be broken and still make shit happen. Period. My cracks make me unique and beautiful.

I am gifted and purposed with the unique task of sharing my pain, failings, successes and experiences with others so they can see themselves in that too. So they can accept that what has been has no power over them anymore. I hope that in sewing these seeds of hope we can really make things happen this year not just for my or my business but for the world. The world will be a better place when we start to come into our power and stop living in fear.

Is hoping to make sales going to sell my products? No. Is sharing my hopes, dreams and fears with others going to impact them in a positive way. Abso-fricken-lutely. We can get our purpose and what we do for a living intertwined. I was today years old when I realized that my business and my purpose are somewhat related but one does not cancel out the other. If my business doesn't have that "make it happen" kind of purpose is always on! If my business never takes off and everyone hates my products....purpose is still activated.

Ok so hope ALONE is not a great strategy for running a business but it absolutely necessary to give birth to our dreams. Hope is what wakes us up in the morning. Hope is in our reaching and in our giving. I HOPE you take something away from my small attempt to live in my purpose and encourage you. I am not the best writer or the most eloquent but I am starting where I am, with what I have. HOPE.

Blessings to you all.

-Jihan Machuca

Creator of The Chandefleur

Hopeful Author

Encouraging Human

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