Jihan Machuca

Somewhere between an artist and an inventor is how I would describe myself. Creating is inspiring to me and I find so much joy in designing a piece and finding that reflected back at me from various fields of art & design. The Chandefleur is fashion inspired and it truly is so much more than just lighting. As it is meant to be. Originality is in the DNA of my business and I create each piece with a person or persona in mind.

I'm a mom to a beautiful little girl and a happy wife to my biggest supporter. Beautiful spirit and business owner. My greatest strength is encouraging others (especially BIPOC business owners) and my biggest weakness is...probably chocolate and all things Paris.


Please let me share this last bit with you. If you stumble across this, please just live the life you want to live. Let others see you how you see yourself. Be vulnerable and brave in the dark and eventually your light will shine. That is when you know you can do anything. There is power and freedom in living your truth.



-Jihan Machuca